Green Screen Graphix was established in 2012.

We are located in Frankfort, KY. We provide our clients with screen printing, embroidery, custom graphic designs, photography, video, and website design. We strive to use 100% eco-friendly and green products in all of our applications.

Screen printing & Embroidery Every job is important to us! You are never just a number! There are no minimums on orders, whether you need 6 shirts or 6000, every order gets full attention to details. We NEVER print our logo on your shirts, they are to advertise your design not our company! When we do our job right, deliver everything on time, and keep you satisfied your recommendations and positive feedback is advertising enough for us. We offer all sizes and colors of shirts and garments! Contact us today to get started!

Custom Graphix With over 20 years experience in the Graphix Design and Engineering fields we can create custom graphix for you or use your current design/logos.

Photography & Video Action Shots, Portraits, Aerial Photography, Landscapes, or Cityscapes. GoPro style videos, we can create the videos for you or teach you video and editing techniques. We have extensive experience in all fields of photography, have been published on multiple websites, and can help you with all your photography needs! Check out our portfolio for examples.

Websites We specialize in the development and design work of websites. We can help you and guide you in your website maintenance and hosting needs but are currently downsizing our website maintenance and hosting departments.

Contact Us We can be reached at

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